Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Prospects Plus: The Top 10

The Minor League Baseball season is almost over. It's been a fun year for us at OTWT. We went to a bunch of Lakewood Blueclaws game as well as a Trenton Thunder. Here is a break down of the 10 best players I've seen this summer.
  1. Nick Williams, OF, Reading:  A key piece of the Hammels deal..He looks the part of the an offensive force. Saw him two years ago in the South Atlantic League and he looks like a different player now and I mean that in a good way. I'm a huge Nick Williams fan boy. 
  2. JP Crawford, SS Reading: I've seen a bunch of him the last couple of years and he looks the next Phillies SS for the next decade. 
  3. Josh Morgan, SS, Hickory: The Texas Rangers prospect looks the part. 
  4. Cole Tucker,  SS, West Virginia: I really think him and Morgan where the best Single A players I saw all year. 
  5. Spencer Adams, P, Kannapolis: Sat between 92-94 with his fastball. Bad electric stuff when I saw him. 
  6. Carlos Tocci, OF, Lakewood: Tocci didn't spend much time in Lakewood this season but  he showed that his bat is starting to develop.
  7. Jake Thompson, P, Reading: Good fastball. Good Change up. Could develop into a good 3rd starter. 
  8.  Jairo Beras, OF, Hickory: He looks the part of an outfielder. 
  9. Cord Sandberg, OF, Lakewood: The former Mississippi State football recruit looks like a player for the future. 
  10. Tyler Wade, SS, Trenton: Athletic defender.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Don't blame the reporter

Earlier today news broke that Rutgers head coach Kyle Flood may have broken university code by contacting a professor of a player. Around the Rutgers universe people are taking shots at the reporter who wrote the story, which is not fair. As a reporter, I would have to assume that this story was completely vetted by the editors at the Ledger. You can't just run a story like this, that is not how the system works.

Some Rutgers fans view the Ledger as the enemy,which is not true at all. The Ledger covers the team, is like me covering government. You write the good and your right the bad, that is how this works. People need  to calm down, they need to respect the job that reporters do.