Saturday, July 27, 2013

Prospects Plus: Carlos Tocci

NAME: Carlos Tocci
POSITION: Outfielder
TEAM: Lakewood BlueClaws
PROSPECT STATUS: Tenth ranked prospect in Phillies organization.
FRIDAY VS. GREENVILLE: 1 for 4 with a run scored.

POSITIVES:  I've waited for a couple of months before I decided to run the rule over Tocci. I've watched him a bunch of times and have come away impressed each time. Tocci should be either finishing up his junior or senior year of high school right now.  He has more advanced baseball instincts than any high school player in the 2013 draft.  He may not be as physically mature as his counterparts, but he is still younger than most draftees, and with a year of full season ball. Tocci is a plus plus runner, it allows him to cover large amounts of ground in CF. Last year, Tocci signed one of the largest deals the Phillies have ever given to an international player, a reported $750,000. Scouts have projected Tocci as a five-tool player with a real emphasis on his speed. His upside is there and it shows, every time I've seen him he has improved.

NEGATIVES: At times Tocci seems to be a little over matched at the plate, that could be a product of his youth and lack of strength. One of the biggest concerns that I have is does Tocci confidence struggle if he struggles at the plate.

Friday, July 26, 2013

The Land of Terrible Football Players

The Canadian Football League is a lot of fun to watch, but just looking down the rosters its like a list of players that had trouble playing in college or had their own personal troubles. Players like Jonathan Crompton, yes the same player that could not lead the Tennessee Volunteers are collecting paychecks. 

Here is a list of some of the terrible players in the league to our north:
  • Brian Brohm, QB, Hamilton Tiger-Cats: Once watched him get chewed out by his brother when he was at Louisville.
  • Noel Devine, RB, Montreal: yes the same West Virginia running back that used to a huge weapon in Morgantown.
  • Pat Watkins, CB, Toranto: the former Florida State cornerback has found a home in Canada. I wonder why he was not a player in the NFL.
  • Bo Levi Mitchell, QB, Calgary: The former 1-AA National Championship QB has found a home in Canada. I love looking at these rosters it like a trip down memory lane. 
  • Jonathan Crompton, QB, Edmonton: need a I say more. 
  • Tino Sunseri, QB, Saskatchewan: Wow just when you thought that it could not be worst in CFL, the name Tino Sunseri pops up. You can make the argument that Tino was a terrible QB at Pitt and to see him getting paid to play, is just unthinkable.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Maybe my son has too many Eagles jerseys

My three year old has a vast collection of Philadelphia Eagles jerseys already maybe people need to stop buying them for him.