Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I can not wait for May 21

The Champions League semi-finals have only been over for a couple of hours but the build up for the final has already started and for one I can not wait. May 21 can not get here soon enough. Thanks to Footytube for the video.

Glory Glory Man United

Classic Nike Soccer Commercials

Few companies understand doing commercials like Nike does and with their soccer products that is no different. Throughout the years the shoe giant has done some classic from players battling the devil to Ronaldo, the overweight Brazilian one, and Figo battling in the tunnel before an international friendly.

Here are some of the better Nike Soccer ads:

The Good vs. Evil Battle

Brazil vs. Portugal

A very special 3 on 3 game

Nike soccer players take on Ninjas (the commercial was banned)

The Brazil team hangs out in the Airport

Joga Bonito

Euro 2008 commercial

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

All Hail the Ginger Prince

He scores goals galore, he scores goals
He scores goals galore, he scores goals
He scores goals galore, he scores goals
Paul Scholes, he scores goals

He missed the 1999 Champions League final, but almost a decade later the brilliance of the Ginger Prince Paul Scholes delivered to send the Devils to the final in Moscow. His goal was pure class and typical Scholes, arriving late to bury the ball in the ole onion bag.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Divine Intervention

Glory Glory Man United

With the Manchester United season coming down to a couple of games, it's time to look to the sky and hope the ghost of George Best is smiling kindly down on Fergie's Boys tomorrow at the Theatre of Dreams.

Thanks to Beachwood's only scousers Endy in the Outfield for passing the video on.

Drama all over the table

People talk about how great the EPL is and that showed this weekend with Chelski beating United late in the second half and UEFA Cup battle between Everton and Aston Villa. Both game featured dramatic turns and decisions.

Few big games live up to their build up but United Cheslski did. Drama all over the park both during the game and after the game. With the win both teams are even on points with United having a double digit lead in goal difference. Two Red Devil wins should see the title returned to the Theatre of Dreams.

The Villa/Everton game was no different with the second half taking all kinds of twist and turns. Three goals in eight minutes is nothing to laugh at. With the draw Everton still have a three point lead on the Villains for that final UEFA Cup place.

Don't blink at any end of the table and you are bound to miss something. From the battle at the top of the table to the battle for the final UEFA Cup spot to the battle to beat the drop to the Fizzy Pop League. The final two weeks of the season should be something to behold.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

OTWT: Draft Musings

Draft weekend can mean only one thing lots of hair gel for Mel Kiper Jr.

Here are some Only Time Will Tell musings from draft weekend:

• Is there any need for the NFL Network and ESPN to do eight hours of pregame for the draft, it's not like it is the Super Bowl.
• I think that ESPN has more people covering the draft, than ABC has covering the presidential election.
• Keyshawn Johnson and the rest of the ESPN crew are better dressed then their friends on NFL network.
• Glen Dorsey's watch is bigger then some peoples heads.
• Seeing all of the highlights of the players from college, makes me yearn for college football season.
• Few teams did as well as the Eagles did. They got the man they wanted in the second round instead of the first and stole the Panthers first round pick. It's almost too good to be true.
• Bring on Mike Mayock and Todd McShay there is still on one true draft icon: Mel Kiper.
• Brian Brohm and Colt Brennan both would have been first round picks if they came out last year. This year that was not the case. So remember kids always declare for the draft.