Saturday, August 01, 2009

Fashion Disaster

I know they are not as bad as Newcastle United yellow look, but Readings neon green road kit might rank right up there. The Royals unveiled them today when they played Chelski in a friendly. Neon green letter on a white shirt and neon green shorts, just screams classy.

Friday, July 31, 2009

The Nick Johnson Era is Over, Thank God

Wow for one day I'm proud to be a Nationals fan. Why you ask, cause they did the right thing in trading often injured first baseman Nick Johnson to the Marlins for left handed prospect Aaron Thompson.

I know its not a big deal to most but to me it means something. Johnson was never going to be part of the teams long range plans, so why not move him and get a player that might help you down the road.

Thompson is the 13th ranked player in the deep fish system. The left-handed pitcher out of Houston features a fast ball that touches the low 90s, according to Baseball America.

Ok it does not sound like he is a top of the line starter, but to get a guy that can filled out the back end of the rotation is a good thing for a player that was part of future plans.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A Tale of Two Cities

At the start of the year, the Mets and Phillies were supposed to battle to the end for the NL East crown, but that has not happened. Just take a look at the back pages of the Philly Daily News (left) and the New York Daily News (right) and the story will be told.

The Phillies are talking about if they want to give up Kyle Drabek in a deal for Toronto ace Roy Halladay, while the Mets have a fine mess built around attacks on beat writer and a executive who wanted to fight a group of minors leagues.

The two front pages could not better tell the story of the two teams different stories. The Phillies are trying for back to back World Series titles, while the Mets are just trying to get people to take them seriously.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Soccer Preseaon Notebook #1

Every where you turn there are preseason soccer games on the TV. From the Peace Cup to the World Football Challenge to the Emirates Cup there have been a tons of games to sample. Here are some OTWT thought about different this games.

• Chelski Zhirkov looks like he might be the best signing in the EPL.
• Diego and Melo might be the pieces that Juve might need to win Serie A.
• The one thing that still bothers me about Real Madrid is that they still need a creative mid-fielder.
• Its weird seeing Ronnie in the all white of Real Madrid. He will always be a United player in my eyes.
• One thing that has been good to see in the World Football Challenge is how good Club America are. Shows how good the Mexican League is.
• There was no one at the Peace Cup in Spain a real shame, cause it has quality teams.
• Is there a better name in soccer then Porto's Hulk.
• AC Milan stinks, its that simple. If it continues they might be in the Europa League in 2010/2011.

Other preseason notebooks coming in the coming weeks.