Sunday, July 29, 2012

Professional Tailgating: Stevie MBE takes the field

Stevie MBE takes the field against Spurs in Baltimore on Saturday. Liverpool fans love him, while I hate him.

Is it fair?

For the last couple of days I have been thinking about the punishment that was handed out to Penn State. On one hand something had to be done to punish the school for their role in the cover up of the child sex abuse incidents at the school. On the other how can you punish kids that had nothing to do with the situation.
I'm all for fining the school like they did but hitting the current players with a four year bowl ban is something that is hard to stomach. So players that where kids when this happened no have to pay for the sins of the past. That Is the one thing that bothers me and always will about this situation.

Professional Tailgating: A boring preseason friendly

On Saturday, the OTWT Tailgating Crew traveled to Baltimore to take in the preseason friendly between Spurs and Liverpool. The game was terrible but the stadium is amazing.
Alan Shearer has more Premier League titles than Steven Gerrard

A life size picture of former Rutgers star Ray Rice. Loved watching him college as a Rutgers season ticket holder.
Unitas Plaza 
Love seeing fans honor clubs heroes and at Spurs there is no one bigger than Jimmy Greaves