Saturday, September 05, 2015

Professional Tailgating: Let's talk about the game

It's been a crazy week at Rutgers. Emails and arrest have dominated the headlines. Now we finally have a game to talk about. Here are some of the sights from a weird day on the banks.

Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Silence is not good for Kyle Flood

With the season starting in three days, Rutgers football is at a cross roads. Head coach Kyle Flood is under investigation by the university for emailing a professor about the status of a grade and no one knows what his future holds. One thing that would be concerning, if I was Flood, would be the lack of support from the administration. No one from the administration has spoken up and said anything about the situation. 

I love Kyle as a person. He took time to talk to my son and take some photos with him last year. That is something I will remember. 

But as time goes on I think Flood's position is unattainable. Remember this he was not ADs hire and this whole situation could be her a way to bring in her own person.