Saturday, November 06, 2010

TNT will never let Trailblazer fans forget

So the Thunder hooked up with the Trailblazers on Thursday night and that can mean only one thing Durant vs Oden, the top two picks from the 2007 NBA Draft. Oden was the top pick, while Durant was the second. So far their careers have been totally different. Durant has become the face of the young NBA, while Oden career has been hit by knee injuries.

During the game, I hit the info button to see what it said and boy did it rub it in Blazers fans face. Durant has played 200 something games while Oden has yet to hit a 100. Its not like Blazer fans don't know the difference between the two players but to make it the info graph is just not right.
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Friday, November 05, 2010

Newton offered money = Front Page Story

College football is a big news in the South and yesterdays report that Auburn QB Cam Newton was offered money to attended Mississippi State, sent both Mississippi and Alabama into meltdown. Newton decided in the end to attend Auburn and has spearheaded them to an undefeated start. Here is how newspapers in Mississippi and Alabama covered the fun. 

Sunday, October 31, 2010

We stole Nate Allen

So maybe this whole McNabb trade was really the best thing for the Eagles. Little did we know that he was the weakest of the three qbs we had on the roster last season. Today it showed, as Mc5 was pulled toward the end of the Redskins Lions game with Rex Grossman, yes Rex Grossman, replacing him.

In the deal the Eagles got a second round pick they used on safety Nate Allen. So far that is starting to look like a steal. Maybe the skins gave up way to much for Mc5, instead of second rounder it should have more like a six or fifth rounder. Oh second guessing is a ton of fun and oh so true.
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Happy Halloween from OTWT

In honor of the Eagle bye week and Halloween, we wish everyone a fun day. This pumpkin was sent to me from by my brother. Happy Halloween to all.
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