Saturday, October 24, 2009

Professional Tailgating:: Football is set back decades

After attending the Rutgers vs. Pitt game, the game decided to spend Sunday at the Bills vs. Jets game. It may have been one of the worst game that I have been to, but it was a good time to say the least.

JP Losman's Potential checks if the Saints have scored another touchdowns against the Giants
The highlight of the whole day might have been watching the ice develop on the propane tank

The New Giant Stadium looks like a bunch of razor blades on the outside
Bonnie Bernstein does the pregame show on ESPN Radio
Even during pregrams warmups the Bills looked terrible

At least in the end the Bills won and Jet fans went home crying again

Professinoal Tailgating: Rutgers can't beat a good team

Last Friday the OTWT Tailgating Crew headed to the Rutgers to see the Knights take on Pitt and as Rutgers loss the game and feel to 0-2 in the Big East.

The Tailgating Crew favorite Knight B-Jones

Starwars fans in the crowd before the game
Kid kicks 25 yard field goal during half time, maybe Greg should give him a scholarship

Rutgers loss the game, but the star of the game was Little Jovi

Monday, October 19, 2009

The Jags are at it again

The Jags fans are at it again. This time the Jacksonville fan base packed Jacksonville Municipal Stadium to the tune of 42,088 yesterday. It sure looks like 42,000 showed up in this photo from a friend on Facebook for the Jags 23-20 win over the rams, the people in the seats might be closer to 25,000.

The NFL has to do something about this. People in Jacksonville will never get to see their team on tv at this rate. The stadium holds 67,164 for NFL games and 84,000 for college football games.