Friday, June 01, 2007

Now this is a Golf School I want to go to

Move over Butch Harmon and Dave Peltz, there is a new golf school in town and its run by the Nutter with the putter. The folks at T-Shirt 365 have created the official shirt. During a training trip to Portugal before Liverpool's Champions League game against Barcelona, Craig Bellamy struck a team mate with a golf club after a fight at a karaoke bar. The swing was so good he decided to start his own golf school.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Manchester United offseason shopping almost done

A league title and now all of this cash to throw around. United appeared to have completed their off season spending before the summer really gets going. Last week United agreed to a transfer fee with Bayer Munich for Owen Hargreaves, now today the Red Devils have raided Portugal and gotten the two best young players out of it: Anderson from Porto and Nani from Sporting Lisbon.

Owen Hargreaves = 17 million pounds
and Nani = 35 million pounds

A holding midfield in Hargreaves, a kid that is compare to Ronaldinho in Anderson, and the next Cristiano Rolando in Nani. Complete coverage of the moves here. By the way, has the oil rich nation of Chelski made any moves yet, oh wait there was that Steve Sidwell move.

Monday, May 28, 2007

NFL Europe and AFL: Where college starts go to die

Every year, college football players have dreams of playing in the NFL, but some times that does not happen. But instead of playing at the Linc and Giants Stadium, they end up playing in such football hotbeds as Amsterdam and Hamburgh, and maybe in some area's like the Comcast Center.
Some of the notable players in NFL Europe

  • Omar Jacobs QB: He was a quarterback at Bowling Green that put up great numbers and then left early for the NFL Draft and was picked by the Steelers and fell out of favor.
  • Cody Pickett QB (pictured): The former UW quarterback, cowboy, and part time starter for the 49ers.
  • Cedric Humes, RB: The former Virginia Tech Star now wishes that he was back in Blacksburg, cause Amsterdam is fair away from NFL greatness.
  • Quentin Griffin, RB: Won a national championship at University of Oklahoma and played well while a member of the Denver Broncos.
  • Greg Lee, WR: Once was considered the next Larry Fitzgerald while at the University of Pittsburgh, seems like everyone was wrong.

Some of the notable players in Arena Football League

  • Chance Mock, QB: The former University of Texas Quarterback that was replaced by the new Madden cover boy. The rest as they say is history.
  • Andy Kelly, QB: During the football season, he is one of the people that you see on ESPN Classic the most. He was one of the first good quarterbacks at Tennessee.
  • Sonny Cumbie, QB: Texas Tech quarterbacks in the AFL match made in heaven.

Here is a complete list for NFL Europe and the AFL.