Saturday, March 10, 2007

Still Pimpin'

The pimp is still alive. There must be some special powers in Sidney Lowe's red coat, cause they are in the ACC final against North Carolina. The State defeated Virginia Tech. I guess that means the coat is on its way to the cleaners as we speak. I would love to see the dry cleaning bill for Lowe this week.

Spittin' hate, Packer Style

With less then a day to the NCAA selection show, CBS's Billy Packer is getting ready to spit some hate. Three years ago, Packer attacked a small catholic school in Philly when they were having a dream season. Then last year, Packer went after a school in Virginia named after a great American. But the attacking did not stop there, last week he attacked Tyler Hansborough for leaving his nose in the way of Gerald Henderson's elbow. Besides these incidents, Packer also has had other issues, including referring to Allen Iverson as a monkey.
So Drexel, do not say that you have not been warned. If you get in Mr. Packer might be coming after you.

Friday, March 09, 2007

Pimpin' in the ACC

College Basketball coaches like to wear their school colors. From ties to Bruce Weber's orange crush sport jacket. But no ones takes it to another level like current North Carolina State head coach Sidney Lowe (above) . During the first round of the ACC Tournament last night against Duke, Lowe was on the State sidelines sporting his best in Suge Knight (below) wear, a blood red sport coach. While wearing the coat this season, Lowe has beaten North Carolina and Duke.
As a fan of the ACC I would like to thank you for bringing Pimpin to the ACC, cause we all know that Coach K would never bring it.

Red Coat Update: Lowe found a really good cleaners in the Tampa area and was again sporting the coat during the 'Packs quarterfinal against Virginia.
Red Coat Update #2: The coat lives on. Wolfpack beat Virginia and now in the tourney semifinals. At this rate Lowe will need to have the dry cleaners on speed dial.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Stick to Radio, Mike and Mike

With College Basketball taking up much of the television time this weekend, you can not help but checking out the AFL on the ESPN family of networks with Mike Golic and Mike Greenberg. The duo, who do the morning drive time slot on ESPN Radio, might be the worst announcers in the history of TV. I never thought that I would ever say this but please send Mark Jones back.
During the 20 minutes that I could stomach, and that was with drinking, I heard the duo touch on such topics as Golic giving up sweets for Lent, The Green and Gold End zones, Greeny getting ready to retire if he was ever hit into the boards.

The local radio station that carries their radio show in New York gave out Green and Gold T-shirts and gave them to people in the end zones, so one end zone had green the other had gold. During the game Greenberg said that there were more green shirts then gold ones and Golic then said "That is because all of the people wearing the Gold shirts were at the concession stand.''

At one point the two started talking about ski, that lead to Golic saying that he only uses the bunny slopes, to which Greenberg said that Golic would scary all of the bunnies away.

All of their jokes were totally hack. The funny thing was it was not the worst show on TV, that award goes to Andrew Dice Clay's new show.

Monday, March 05, 2007

Endy in the Outfield's New York Mets Preview

New York Mets
By Endy in the Outfield

Offseason Additions - LF Moises Aloud; RP Ambiorix Burgos; SP Chan Ho Park; RP Scott Schoeneweiss; SP Aaron Sele; RHP Jorge Sosa
Offseason Losses - SP Brian Bannister; RP Chad Bradford; OF Cliff Floyd; SP Steve Trachsel; SS Chris Woodward
2007 Preview - The biggest story line heading into the Mets off season was, Who will they add as a front line starter? They answered that question by passing on Barry Zito (signed with the Giants for 7 Years $126 Million) and adding a stable of what Rick Peterson and Omar Minaya call "live arms". They upgraded their LF position by acquiring Moises Alou and not re-signing Cliff Floyd. Now they just have to hope Alou stays somewhat healthy and Pedro is able to return to some former shell of himself after the all star break.
Prediction - 95 Wins 67 Losses. The Mets aren't going to win as many games as they did in 2006, but look for them to remain division champs.Carlos Beltran has said his goal this year is to steal 40 bases and hit.300 as he told the New York Daily News, then look for him to be the NL MVP. If Pedro comes back healthy then the Mets should easily win the division. However if Pedro is not able to return to form and the Mets aren't able to add another front line starter at the trade deadline, the Mets very possibly could be looking up at the Phillies come late September.

Endy in the Outfield's Philadelphia Phillies Preview

Philadelphia Phillies
By Endy in the Outfield

Offseason Additions - RP Antonio Alfonseca; C Rod Barajas; SP Adam Eaton; SP Freddy Garcia; 3B Wes Helms
Offseason Losses - OF Dave Delucci; SP Gavin Floyd; C Mike Lieberthal; RP Arthur Rhodes; SP Randy Wolf
2007 Preview - To quote SS Jimmy Rollins (pictured), "We're the team to beat. I can't put it any other way ... Look at our team and what we're bringing." So what exactly are the Phillies "bringing into the 2007 season besides the talk? First of all they have the most feared hitter in the Major Leagues in reigning NL MVP Ryan Howard (Sorry Bonds). A young 2nd Baseman in Chase Utley whom they've locked up with a 7 year extension worth $85 million. Utley and Rollins also proved to be a powerful infeild with both hitting at least 25 home runs in the same season (Utley hit 32, and Rollins 25). But of course the big question is their pitching, more so their bullpen with aging 40 year old close Tom Gordon.
Prediction - 88 Wins 74 Losses; Jimmy Rollins needs to get things straight, the defending division champs usually are the team to beat, not the runner-up. With the Mets adding more offense and hoping for the same type success from their multiple man rotation as last year, and the Braves hoping to return to their previous 14 year dominance of the NL East, look for the Phillies to once again finish in 2nd despite a better record than last year. Phils fans can be happy about one thing, another huge year from 1B Ryan Howard, and multiple bong jokes about SP Freddy Garcia.

Endy in the Outfield's Atlanta Braves Preview

Atlanta Braves' Preview
By Endy in the Outfield

Offseason Additions - RP Mike Gonzalez; RP Rafael Soriano; RP Tanyon Sturtze; 1B/OF Craig Wilson; SS Chris Woodward
Offseason Losses - RP Danys Baez; 2B Marcus Giles; 1B Adam LaRoche; SP Chris Reitsma; C Todd Pratt
2007 Preview - Was last year a small bump in the road for Atlanta? Or the end of 14 years atop the National League East? With Mike Hampton and Chipper Jones back, the Braves will need them to remain healthy to compete with the Phillies and Mets for the NL East. Atlanta is also hoping for Tim Hudson to return to his previous all star form after sub-par seasons with the Braves. Their offense looks to be better this year as they've added 1B/OF Craig Wilson to provide more power alongside Andruw Jones as he looks to hit more than 40 HR's for his 3rd straight year. The only sure thing with this Braves team this year will be John Smoltz, perhaps the most underrated pitcher of his era.
Prediction - 84 wins 74 losses; The Braves are asking just a bit too much if they want to win another division title. In order for that to happen Mike Hampton, Larry Jones, and Tim Hudson will need to stay healthy and look like themselves in years past. Looking to have all three regain that form is definitely a pipe dream for the Atlanta Braves. While they'll improve from their dismal season in 2006, they still won't be able to get past the Phillies and the Mets.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Endy in the Outfield's Marlins Preview

Florida Marlins Preview
By Endy in the Outfield

Offseason Additions - 3B Aaron Boone; RHP Kevin Gregg; RHP Matt Lindstrom
Offseason Losses - SP Joe Borowski; SP Adam Bostick; 3B Wes Helms; LHP Jason Vargas
2007 Preview - When your biggest off season signing was Aaron freakin' Boone, your know its gonna be a tough season. After over-acheiveing in 2006 with Girardi as their manager, new comer Fredi Gonzalez looks to keep things moving ahead. Like always the Marlins have an abundance of young players in Hanley Ramirez, Dan Uggla, Mike Jacobs, Miguel Cabrera and Jeremy Hermida (pictured). And the arms are even younger with only 2 pitchers on the active roster (Henry Owens and Matt Lindstrom) being born before 1980. Also look for Miguel Carbrera to have an MVP caliber season.
Prediction - 76 Wins 86 losses; At least new manager Fredi Gonazalez won't be helping opposing pitchers this year, however without Girardi look for the Marlins to lose a couple more games than last year. The biggest question of the season will be, will the Marlins trade away Dontrelle Willis? If they do, look for the Marlins to lose 90 games this year.