Friday, February 09, 2007

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Thursday, February 08, 2007

First A.J., now Johnny Damon

Last year A.J. Pierzyanksi joined TNA and wrestled in a pay-per view. On Thursday night, I was watching TNA, like everyone does, and saw no one other then New York Yankees center fielder Johnny Damon swinging a chair. George is going to love seeing this. The once proud leader of the Red Sox nation is now doing wrestling events and its not even the WWE.

Pierzyanksi is involved in a feud with fellow World Series winner David Eckstein and a couple of other mid-carders. I have no idea what the feud is about nor do I really care. I really don't understand what Damon's role is either,but it’s supposed to be settled on Pay-Per-View Sunday night at TNA Against All Odds.

Things you may have missed while Eddy Curry stands guard


College Football


Josh McRoberts: Dookie V's Great White Hope

Two years ago all we heard about was how incoming freshman Josh McRoberts was going to join the likes of Jay Bilas, Christian Laettner, Cherokee Parks, and Sheldon Williams as great Duke big men. Now midway through is sophomore year, the player that everyone raved about coming out of Indiana is no where to be found.

So far this year he is averaging 12.9 points, 3.7 assist and 7.9 rebounds per game.

In his biggest game of the year against North Carolina McRoberts played like a kid in the fifth grade, three points are you kidding me. Looking back at class two years ago, you can say that maybe other members of his class have passed him by including: Tyler Hansborough, Brandan Rush, Monta Ellis, and Jon Brockman.

During the game last night Dookie V talked about Duke being a young team, they are but these are not guys that just came off of the street. Gerald Henderson was a five star recruit, so was Jason Zoubek, and the same for Jon Scheyer. Its not like they are not a talented team, may be the problem is that Coach K is not good at developing players.

Oh no I said something bad about Coach K, Dookie V. might show up at my door.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Today is a Sports Christmas and People are excited

Despite being the middle of the week, today might be one of the best sports day of the year. Look at what is going: National Signing Day for College Football, the first round of the annual war between North Carolina and Duke complete with Dookie V on the call, and for good measure there is the Spain and England friendly at Old Trafford.

Here are a couple of sites to keep track of the action

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

I've seen this show before

We all get it Sports Guy (pictured); you want the Celtics to loose the rest of their games so that they can have a shot at the 35-year old freshman Greg Oden or the Texas super freshman Kevin Durant. But please do all of your loyal readers a favor, let’s give it a rest. Back in November, you did a column entitled So long, Doc. In the column you talked about looking forward to getting either Oden or Durant. Now I look on and see another column about Oden or Durant wearing Celtic Green and the fun of rooting for you team to loose.
Please no more until at least the lottery show that is all I'm asking

Nice Injury Joe, ours are better

We always talk about great football injuries, but across the pond they have their fair share of great injuries.

Monday, February 05, 2007

And you thought that Eagles fans were bad

    • Booing Santa: Check
    • Throwing Snow Balls at the Dallas Cowboys: Check
    • Cheering that Michael Irvin is being carted off the field: Check
    • Having a jail in your Stadium: Check
    • Having a police officer killed during a game: never happened.

Friday’s during the derby game between Catania and Palermo a fan of one the teams threw a bomb into the car of an officer and killed him. Now the future of Italian soccer is up in the air as the season has been put on hold.

This latest incident comes as the country tries to get back on its feet. Last year the leagues greatest team Juventus was send down to the second division after a match fixing scandal. Then the country goes out and wins the World Cup. It has been a world wind 12 months for the Azzurri.

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