Saturday, August 16, 2008

Weekend Soccer Thoughts

The domestic season in Germany and EPL kicked off in a big way this weekend and Olympic soccer and the Spanish Super Cup. Wow what a weekend.

The Special One is Back!

The gang is back

Friday, August 15, 2008

Endy in the Outfield's EPL Preditions

Everyone's favorite New Jersey based scouser is back for the new EPL season. Here is die hard Liverpool fan Endy in the Outfield's season prediction.

My Painful EPL Predictions

1. Man Utd.
2. Liverpool
3. Chelsea
4. Arsenal
5. Tottenham
6. Portsmouth
7. Everton
8. Aston Villa
9. Newcastle
10. West Ham
11. Middlesbrough
12. Blackburn
13. Man City
14. Wigan
15. Fullham
16. Sunderland
17. West Brom
18. Bolton
19. Stoke City
20. Hull City

Best signing - Jose Bosingwa - Chelsea
Breakout player - Ryan Babel - Liverpool (of course)
First manager to be sacked - Gary Megson - Bolton
Best player - Fernando Torres - Liverpool

Good Bye Every Body

Today is a sad day at the headquarters of Only Time Will Tell because the WFAN in New York will never be the same. The Mad Dog Chris Russo was released from his contract and has left the station.
The news, which happened at 10:50 p.m., was such big news that it made the front page of the New York Daily News.
The Team of Fatso and Fruit loops was the best and they will always be remembered.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

EPL Predictions Time

The season starts Saturday while the champions taking the field on Sunday. Here is Joe Wolf's Vertical Jump Super EPL Preview.
In order of predicted finished:
1. Manchester United: The Devils will be the first team to hold on to the trophy for three years in a row.
2. Liverpool: The Scousers close the gap but will have to wait another year to get the league championship.
3. Chelski: New coach, that has never coached in European league, smells of a little of trouble to me, I know he won a world cup.
4. Arsenal: The kids are going to be OK, Vela and Denilson lead this bunch of kids.
5. Aston Villa: Martin O'Neil gets the closet that he will ever get to the top four.
6. Tottenham Hotspurs: Going to win a trophy, but not the league and maybe even be the UEFA cup over AC Milan.
7. Portsmouth: Harry's large and short strike force might be one of the best in the league.
8. Manchester City: Does anyone else think that this situation could turn ugly.
9. Everton: Its been a slow off season for Liverpools other club.
10. Newcastle United: The Keegan can not get new players but they have to be better then last year.
11. Sunderland: Roy Keane continues to improve the club.
12. Blackburn: The Governor will have his challenges in year one.
13. Middlesbrough: This team interest me a little. They made a couple of good signing and a full year of Alves.
14. West Ham United: Is it time that Curbs goes and they bring in the Croatian Special One.
15. Fulham: Last year they had the great escape, this year there season will lack that kind of drama.
16. Wigan: Sometimes I wish that they would just get relegated but this year there are by far worst teams.
17. West Brom: The only promoted club to survive the drop.
18. Bolton: The Ginger Prince can not avoid the drop just time, but United fans will always love him for drawing Chelski on the final day last year.
19. Stoke: They will be back where they belong next year.
20. Hull City: Could even be worst then Derby County.

Best signing: Giovani Dos Santos, Spurs
Breakout Player not named Ryan Babel: Nicklas Bendtner, Arsenal
First Manager sacked: Curbs at West Ham.
Special prediction: This years champion will have the lowest point total ever.

Tommorrow: Everyones favorite American Scouser Endy in the Outfield makes his predictions.

Yankee haters rejoice

After another great performance last night by the Yankees, has lead one of New York's leading papers to say they are dead and I could not be happier. For one I could not be happy and I know the people over at Sox and Phils could not be happier too.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Only Time Will Tell on Twitter

Last week, we went mobile, now we have decided to start a Twitter site that will allow us to send up dates to the site from a Blackberry or mobile phone. All of the updates will appear on the right hand side of the site, under the Twitter headline. We will be able to update from different tailgating events and even while watching games, so look out world here we come. Here is the link to the actual site.

A walk down memory lane

Its always fun to take a look back and Sports Illustrated covers are no different, just look at the past editions of the college football preview.

2000: Michael Vick
1988: The hotbed of Florida
1989: Celebrating all that is great about college football
1993: The kicker that was supposed to win the 'Noles a National Championship and beat Miami, Scott Bentley.
1994: Yes there was a time when people thought Arizona was number one.
1995: Keyshawn Johnson returns Southern Cal back to the top.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Trouble at the Headquarters

Few sports figures in the world make Joe Wolf's Vertical Jump's better half even flinch. But over the course of the last three weeks, the Mrs. has developed a hatred for one sports figure: Brett Farve.

While watching the world wide leader's coverage of the Farve mess, the Mrs. lost it, going on a rant about everyone favorite Southern Miss graduate.

"What an ego manic," she said then going on about how anyone could think of themselves as a fan of a player rather then a team.

"What are the colors of team Farve," she went on to say.

At the end of the rant, the Mrs. wish Farve nothing but the best at his new home, "I hope he gets hurt," she said, adding that constant reports on the Farve saga had effected her sleep over the last couple of weeks.

After two weeks of nothing but Brett Farve news on ESPN, the coverage had finally had a victim, my better half. After calming her down I told her that Ronaldo was going to return to United for the upcoming season and all she could say was: "At least it's not Farve."

Community Shield thoughts

The league season is almost here and the FA held the Community Shield Sunday with United winning another one over Portsmouth.

Here are some thoughts from the game:
• I can not believe that FSC stopped showing the game so Webster read the lineup. Why not just run them across the bottom.
• After being open for a year, the FA needs to do something about the field at Wembley.
• Gotta love the Pompey Chimes.
• No matter the position Fletcher and O'Shea are always there to play.
• I know it was only a friendly type game, but Portsmouth are going to miss Sulley Muntari. There midfield lack that driving force.
• It's so good to hear Martin Tyler and Robbie Earle again its like an old friend returning.
• Defoe and Crouch are going to be a good strike force, but they are going to need service.
• Tevez is an animal from tracking back to creating chances, he has a great passion for the shirt.
• Frazier Campbell is going to play a key roll in United title defenses, no wonder why Sir Alex wants no part of loaning the youngster out to Hull City again.
• Is there a better goalkeeper in world in then EVDS against the penalties.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Only Time Will Tell Preseason Top 25

The season is almost here and boy I can not wait. Usually I leave the ranking of the top teams in Europe to my friend over at World Club Rankings, but since it a new season I figured I would give it a shot.

Here is the Only Time Will Tell preseason European Top 25.
1. Manchester United: With Ronald back my team tries to repeat what it did last year.
2. Inter Milan: Now how does this sound The Special One (to the right) vs. Sir Alex in the Champions League Final in Rome.
3. Bayern Munich: Was not involved in the Champions League last year, but will return this with intentions of lifting Mr. Big Ears.
4. Real Madrid: Won the Spanish title for the second straight year, must do better in the Champions League.
5. Chelsea: The best second place team in the world.
6. AC Milan: Can a team that did not make the Champions League be one of the best teams in Europe. With the addition of Flamini and Ronaldihno they will be a force to be reckon with.
7. Liverpool: Keane is a scousers delight, but must find a way to better in the league.
8. Villarreal: The little Yellow Submarine that could, Marco Sena and the crew will give anyone a hard time in the Europe.
9. Arsenal: Every time you turn around Wenger is signing a kid and they all turn out well and this gang is no different.
10. Roma: Totti and DeRossi, might be the most exciting team in Italy, Only Time Will Tell favorite Italian team.
11. Lyon: They rule France but always find a way to blow it in the Champions League.
12. Barcelona: Last year was a disaster for the Blue and Red, but moves for Dani Alves and other should make it a better year at the Nou Camp.
13. Juventus: Last year the Old Lady did not play in Europe, this year they are ready.
14. Atletico Madrid: One of the most exciting teams in Spain, one problem they do not defend, this is Only Time Will Tell's Favorite Spanish team.
15. Schalke 04: Maybe this will be the year the Royal Blues win the league title.
16. Fenerbache: Last year they made a run deep in the Champions League this year they may go deeper.
17. Porto: The Special Ones former club is ready roll again in Portugal.
18. Fiorentina: Mutu and the gang return to the big ears cup.
19. Werder Bremen: Diego might be the best player in the world that no one knows about.
20. Zenit St. Petersburgh: Last years UEFA Cup champs, now they get to show there skills on the big stage.
21. Marseille: If there is going to be a team that catches Lyon in France it's going to be OL.
22. PSV: The Dutch League has fallen hard times but the tenant at the Phillips are the best of the bunch.
23. Celtic: Going for another SPL title and going to make every ones life in the Champions League hell.
24. Tottenham Hotspurs: The Magic Juande has made a huge impact at White Hart Lane.
25. Sporting Lisbon: The former home of Nani and Ronaldo look to catch Porto for the domestic title.