Friday, April 09, 2010

Rooting for a different group of names

Future Nat Bryce Harper?
So the Nationals season has already started and ended for the most part. Instead of rooting for names like Zimmerman, Guzman and Morgan. I'm stuck rooting for names like Harper, Tallon, Ranaudo, and Cole. That is Bryce Harper, James Tallon, Anthony Ranaudo, and AJ Cole a couple of the top prospects in the 2010 MLB Draft.

Instead of waking up and checking the box scores of the big league team, I'm searching the Internet for information on their performances. I don't care if Zimmerman hit two home runs, I care more about Harper and what he did for the College of Southern Nevada. The Nats have the number 1 pick in the 2010 Draft and hitting another home run, like they did last year with Strasburg, is a key to making this a good team.

Such is life as a Nationals fan, the season means nothing and the future is all that we have to look at.So at this point I'm no longer a National's fan and I'm now a fan of the College of Southern Nevada, So go Coyotes.

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

We're not good enough

So in the space of a week, Manchester United season appears to have gone up in smoke. Lost the lead in the Premier League and knocked out of the Champions League all in the same week.
So as a United fan, I should be going crazy, but I'm not. This team is a couple of years away. Gibson, Nani and the Brazilian twins winning one of the two major prizes would have been a shock. Rooney has been the only reason that we have been around in both competitions.
Maybe United will come back and win the Premier League, but if they don't I can not be upset. They have given everything that they can and Sir Alex has pushed all of the buttons that he could and it just might not be enough,which I'm ok with.

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Windsor: The Real Home of American Hockey

Cam Fowler

Most American hockey fans view Detroit as "Hockeytown," but maybe the true home of hockey is right across the border in Windsor. During the course of the last couple of years more and more young American hockey players have spurned college hockey and turned to the Windsor Spitfires.

Austin Czarnik
This year the roster features a bunch of American players including a possible top five American pick. Cam Fowler turned down the Gold Dome to play for the defending Memorial Cup Champions. The move has appeared to pay off for Fowler. He is joined on the roster by fellow Americans: Kenny Ryan, Craig Duininck, Saverio Posa. The roster also featured another another American earlier this year in Austin Watson, who was traded to Peterborough. Watson turned down the University of Maine to play for the Spitfires.

Next year, American World Junior Championship hero goaltender Jack Campbell has signed on to part of the American revolution in Windsor. Rumors are flying around that fellow U-18 team member
Austin Czarnik will take his shot in the OHL.

Both Windsor and the USA Hockey have benefited from the influx of Americans. For the Spitfires it gives them depth and an influx of quality players like Fowler. For USA Hockey it gives players great experience at the highest level in their age group. This experienced showed for Fowler during the WJC when he was the best players on the United States roster. If this continues maybe we should just remain Windsor, Canada "Hockeytown USA.""

Monday, April 05, 2010

Unbeaten Nats, has a nice ring to it

You know the season is not going to be the best, when the local newspaper that covers the teams announces on opening day that "Unbeaten Nats open the season.'' This might be the only time during the season that they are unbeaten, so I'm going to enjoy it. Happy Opening Day to all out there. Strasburg can not get here fast enough.

Sunday, April 04, 2010

So this is the end

So my new born son will never see Donovan McNabb in an Eagles jersey. McNabb is a Redskin, is this all a dream or something.

So the era ends, I was ready for the Kevin Kolb era to start, but this night is hard. I will be honest Donovan has not won the big one but he is the qb that turned everything around for the birds and for that all you can say is thank you. Maybe Kolb will be the next Aaron Rodgers or maybe he will be the next Bobby Hoying only time will tell. After the last two losses to the Cowboys, everyone knew it was for change but this type of change is really hard. For the first time in a decade next season is going to be a mystery and maybe that will be fun.

It will be weird to see McNabb in a maroon jersey when he comes to the Linc. One day I will sit Gregory on my knee and tell him all about Mc5 and his career and how great a player he really was in a birds jersey.
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