Friday, November 18, 2011

The game that could changed everything

Last Saturday TCU beat Bosie State 36-35 albut ending the Broncos chances of qualifiying for a BCS Bowl but will the loss end up creating far reaching effects in college football. Playing in the Mountain West was supposed to increase Boise State chances of being a national title contender, but without an automatic bid a single loss all but kills their chances.Could this loss make the Broncos look hard at joining the Big East in football.where there is an automactic bid for the their conference champion.

Also what impact will the loss have coach Chris Peterson.  With high profile jobs openings at Penn State, Ohio State and UCLA could this be moment that Peterson takes his talents elsewhere. It would be similar to the situation in 2007 when West Virginia, then ranked #2 in BCS lost the Backyard Brawl to a terrible Pitt team 13-9. The loss ended up costing the Mountaineers a shot at the BCS National Title. The game ended up changing college football. Then West Virginia head coach Rich Rod ended up leaving for Michigan and destorying that program.

So one game could me a lot in the college football landscape and I have this feeling that Boise State's loss to TCU is going to be a moment we look back on and think that.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

JaMarcus Russelll > Ryan Leaf

Interesting look at what former first overall NFL draft pick JaMarcus Russell is up to. The No. 1 pick in the 2007 draft should be out on the field. Tells are complete story on what happened to Russell with the Raiders and what he is up to now.