Thursday, July 02, 2009

Professional Tailgating: Men with guns

The OTWT Scouting Department made another trip to the see the Lakewood BlueClaws this week and boy where there a lot of the men with radar guns at the game.

Scouts looking for a trading partner for the upcoming trading deadline. OTWT Scouting Department noticed scouts from Brewers, Royals and Rockies checking out the action. Could a deal for Gil Meche be in the cards.
A moment of silence for former SAL President John Henry Moss, who recently passed.
Despite not having a radar gun, the OTWT Scouting Department still had scout type seats.
The BlueClaws Ground crew does a great job getting the tarp on the field

Rain delay can only mean one thing, watching another game on the big screen.

Over the next couple of days I will break down the prospects from Lakewood that could be moved as the deadline moves closer.


When I first read the headline: Owen to United. I first thought it would be a great signing for Leeds, but the more I read I was surprised it was Manchester United. After thinking about it for a little bit, it might not be that bad an idea.
First of all its not going to cost a transfer fee and Owen's contract is going to based on performances so if he stinks he will not get paid. If it happens he will be an extra part and will not beat out of names such as Berba, Rooney, Walbeck, and Kico for starting spots. He could be a great asset coming off the bench in the 70 minute. While it sounds crazy to bring the former Kop legend to United, it does make sense on a couple of levels.

Professional Tailgating: Pork Roll Egg and Cheese races

Minor league baseball has hit an all new low, pork roll egg and cheese races. During the Lakewood BlueClaws game on Wednesday and during one of the innings the pork roll, egg and cheese all hit the field in a match race. Only in New Jersey can this be considered a classic.

It makes me proud to be from New Jersey.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The home of Bronze Balls

Eutaw Street at Oriole Park at Camden Yard is famous for one things, balls hitting the pavements. Everytime a home run leaves the Park and lands on Eutaw Street, no matter which team, the Orioles mark the spot with a bronze ball detaling the day, team, and the distance of the home run. While street is littered with great home run hitters, there are some names that just make you think about the game of baseball.

A great signing for the New York Yankees

Mr. Congress himself

A former Expo that was traded to the Dodgers for Pedro Martinez

And Mr. Papa

Monday, June 29, 2009

Professional Tailgating: All You Can Eat

So for a quick get away the OTWT Crew head for the sunny shores of Baltimore, yes Baltimore, what did you think that I was going to say Aruba. So the crew headed to see their beloved Nationals take on the Orioles.

Saint Cal is everywhere in Birdland, it almost gets annoying

All you can eat tickets are a good deal, this was just round one of many. Ice Cream Sandwiches included
The wall of fame features such great players of Gregg Olson and of course Brady Anderson.
Should a person who had a 30 game hitting streak have a higher batting average. So the Nats win in the end, but the highlight of the day had to be when the scoreboard showed the highlights of the US vs. Brazil Confed Cup final. The crowd went nuts when they found out that the states had the lead, but in the Brazil ended up being too much.