Friday, February 16, 2007

Reggie Bush is bad luck

Wow Reggie Bush has had a crazy last six months. First reports came out that his family took special gifts while he was at USC. Then he got fined for talking smack to Brian Urlacher during the NFC championship game. Then on national signing day he was accused of having an illegal phone call with top prospect Joe McKnight.

Reports say it’s just a minor sprain, but somewhere you know Sean Payton is pulling his hair out.

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Thursday, February 15, 2007

What is this 1972?

All year Depaul has been going retro and it paid off last night. The underdog Blue Demons defeated the 14th ranked Marquette Warriors.
The best thing about this year for the Demons has been the great uniforms (pitcured) they have been wearing. The Uniforms are being worn to honor the late Coach Ray Meyer, who died last year. The only thing missing last night was some to sport a someone to sport a huge Afro.

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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

A Tribute to the Real Number 7

While United sit top of the table and the soccer world continues to talk about the current wearer of the United's famous number 7 and the a past wearer of the famous number 7. Its time to remember the real number 7, Eric Cantona.

Canton and his popped up collar are the reason that I love the Red Devils.

Sure he made Ron Artest look like a choirboy and his classic response.

Can we stop slurping Kevin Durant

It’s not a secret, everyone who has watched college basketball this year knows how good this years freshman class is and in particular how good Kevin Durant is. So please stop telling me how good he is. While trying to kill time at work, I was looking around the internet for something to read and all over there were stories about the super star that turned down Carolina Blue for the Burnt Auburn of Texas and how good he is.

During my wasting of time here are some of the stories that I found:

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Sunday, February 11, 2007

It's never to early

The face of recruiting in the northeast appears to be changing. One look at the schools that top juniors in the northeast are interested in and you see a different school up there: Rutgers. The funny thing its not just prospects from New Jersey, but from all over the northeast.

Here are some sites that are following Will Hill (pictured) and the class of 2008:

Paging Mr. Blackwell

Watching Jay Wright coach his Villanova Wildcats against Seton Hall, you notice something was different. Watching John Calipari (pictured) coach his Memphis Tigers you noticed that something was also different.

All around the country coaches ditched their traditional expensive suits in exchange for polos, sweat suits and sneaks. Wright and Calipari, both know around the country for their great where decked out in sweat suits.

The change was for a good cause. Coaches around the country changes their attire to raise awareness for Coaches vs. Cancers' fight against cancer. In the 13 years since being founded in 1993, Coaches vs. Cancer has helped generate more than $23 million in direct support for the American Cancer Society.