Friday, April 06, 2007

NBA bloggers are not fantastic

What do Flea and Bayer Munich midfielder Owen Hargreaves have in common?
They are both basketball experts, ya I did not know this either.
The pair along with a french commentator and a actor all have blogs on But there is a small problem some of them have not been updated since the All Star game.

  • Actor Eric Millegan has not updated his since Nov. 2006.
  • Hargreaves has not updated his since the All Star Game, I guess he had time to blog while he was rehabbing his broken leg earlier this year.
  • French Commentator George Eddy has not updated his since Nov. 2006.
  • The best one of the group appears to be long time Laker fan and Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist Flea. His blog was last updated on March 23.

We all know NBA action is fantastic, but please update your blogs. I really want to hear what a English International Midfielder has to say about the 2-3 zone and how to defend the pick and roll.

The Masters: Bad Clothing Like No Other

The Masters can mean only two things great drama and bad clothing. This year there are a wide variety of different styles including golden shoes, purple and white shirts. But this year the award for worst dress goes to everyone favorite Arsenal fan Ian Poulter.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Paul Scholes is the New 'Sheed

Move over Rasheed Wallace there is a new bad boy in town, Manchester United midfielder Paul Scholes. So far this year he has been shown three red cards. The first came during a preseason Tournament in Amsterdam, then he was shown another when he tried to take off Liverpool Midfielder Xabi Alonso's head earlier in the season, and last and not least he was sent off for his second yellow card in the Champions League game against Italian side Roma.

Throughout his long United career, Scholes has been no stranger to being sent off for bad tackles. So far this season Scholes has received nine yellow cards and two red cards. To make the comparison complete Scholes is the only English player to be sent off during an international at Wembley.

And you thought Augusta National was bad

More than a decade ago, Augusta National Golf Club asked CBS go to show announcer Gary McCord the door. At that time McCord stated that Augusta's famous greens were made faster with ''bikini wax.'' Since making the statement, McCord has yet to be seen on the Masters.

Fast forward approximately a decade and the English Football Association is acting like the gang at Augusta National. The FA has decided to move its TV rights deal from BBC to ITV and Sentata in part because of the criticism of BBC analysts Alan Hansen and Gary Lineker over the Three Lions recent performances recently.

All I know is that Mike and the Mad Dog better watch cause George might be pulling them off of YES, if they continue to act like they are acting.

Chasing History, the wrong way

While Barry Bonds continues to try to catch Hank Aaron, the Washington Nationals might also be heading for a record too. If the first couple of games of the season are any sign, the Nationals might loose a 140 games this year. Through the first two games of the season the Marlins have kicked the Nationals around like a Triple A team.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

There is always next year

Now that Florida has become one of greatest teams in college basketball history. Its time to look forward to next year and that can mean only one thing North Carolina preseason number 1. At least that will help me get over the Georgetown game for at least a couple days.