Saturday, May 23, 2015

Prospects Plus: North Carolina's J.B. Bukauskas

Name: J.B. Bukauskas
Team: North Carolina 
Position: Pitcher
Friday vs Clemson: 5 + innings, 5 hits, 2 earned runs, no walks,  7 strikeouts.

Positives: During the 2014 MLB Draft, Bukauskas was one of my favorite players. He had a live arm and was going to be a top round draft pick. But instead of heading to the draft out of high school, JB told teams not to draft him so he could head to North Carolina. During the game on Friday afternoon, Bukauskas showed a great fastball as well as a wipe out change up. During the game he topped out at 95 mph, his change, which showed great movement was around 84 mph. Looked extremely polished for a young college pitcher. 

Negative: He's got a reliever's delivery with a lot of effort and inconsistent command; small frame inhibits ability to drive with the leg, putting more stress on the arm, and lack of finish could cause problems in the future. Big effort in the delivery will always limit the command upside, but there are flashes that he can at least be average placing the ball where he needs to against advanced hitters.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The WWE Network is perfect for a boring night

BA couple of nights ago after everyone left the house, I went downstairs and was looking for something to watch and put on the WWE Network. I searched for about 5 minutes and decided on SuperBrawl IV feature Flair vs Vader in a cage.

It's fun to sometime take a look back at what wrestling was like before the Monday Night Wars. The thing about watching an old show is you forget the story lines. 

One of the matches on the card is The Equalizer vs. jungle Jim Steel. Yes this was a match and it was boring as anything. The Jungle Jim character was terrible complete with ring music that featured monkey calls, yes monkey calls. 

Just look at this character this would never be allowed to happen today. Shaking my head at this character was one of the highlights of the show. 

The one thing I did really like was stage walkway that WCW used. It made it feel like a big event despite the fact the card was terrible. 

One thing I saw made me really upset was seeing Rick Rude. I was always a huge fan of his work. His mic work was amazing and his in ring skills where just as good. 

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Tee Ball for beginners

For those who have never seen a tee ball game this text from a friend sums it up perfectly. 

"So Louie was on second when the last batter was up. When I say on second I mean he was a runner. The ball was hit and he fielded the ball and then proceeded to have a discussion with the other team. Then after tons of screaming at him by all the coaches and the hitter and the guy on first passed him. He finally ran home, with the ball in his hand."

Picture this and you will be laughing for days.