Friday, July 30, 2010

Professional Tailgating: Party like its 1980

Back to the ballpark again, this time as the Phillies took on the Diamondbacks. It was 80's night and boy was it a blast.

Mitchell and Ness had an 80's theme display in front of the one of the club house stores

Kyle Kendrick gets ready for his start, notice the very 80's music in the background

Since it was 80's night at the ballpark, every player had a 80's themed photo. Ryan Howard meets Mr. T.
Dominic Brown gets a huge hand as he pinch hit

For all of the technology on a major league scoreboard, they still have not figured out how to keep all of the innings on the score board when it goes to extra innings.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Trouble from the Start

Arthur Brown (above) was supposed to be the next great linebacker at Miami, and his brother, Bryce was supposed to be the next great running back at Tennessee, but the brothers have proven that neither will happen.

Arthur Brown came to Miami in 2008 as the type of player that would help rebuild the program, but that did not happen. After struggling as a freshman, Brown moved from his normal weak side linebacker position to the inside and flourished. But that did not make Arthur happy as he returned home to Kansas transferring to Kansas State.

Bryce (right) was supposed to join Jamal Lewis and all of the great Tennessee running backs, but that did not happen as Bryce proved to have issues from the start. On February 22, 2008, Brown chose to follow his brother and orally committed to the University of Miami.However, Brown did not sign a letter of intent on National Signing Day 2009, but instead planned to announce his decision on March 16, naming five other "finalists" despite his oral commitment to Miami: LSU, Tennessee, Oregon, USC, and Kansas State, according to wikipedia

At the time′s Tom Luginbill said “If I was Randy Shannon and the Miami staff, I would tell the kid and Brian Butler to go jump in a lake. I got to imagine that deep down, Miami's coaches have to be thinking, ‘This is getting ridiculous,’” according to wikipedia. Prior to his announcement, Brown paid official visits to Oregon and Clemson, and finally took an impromptu visit to Tennessee on March 13Citing an anonymous source, the Associated Press reported the University of Miami would not reissue a national letter of intent to Brown to replace the one that expired Wednesday, February 18. Brown's advisor Brian Butler told AP he was unaware those scholarship offers have an expiration date, but reiterated that Brown would not sign until March 16.According to Palm Beach Post′s Jorge Milian UM coach Shannon called Brown on Tuesday, February 17, and allegedly told him the University of Miami was no longer interested in his services. However, Brown later told Wichita Eagle that Shannon still wanted him to be a Hurricane. Due to NCAA rules, Shannon was not allowed to comment. On March 16, 2009, Brown announced at a press conference at the Kansas Sports Hall of Fame in Wichita, Kansas, that he will attend the University of Tennessee, according to wikipedia.

After leaving Miami in the dark, Bryce has done the same thing to his current school. Bryce texted new Tennessee head coach Derek Dooley to let him know that they was not returning to for this season. Ok if you want to leave, its fine, just meet with the coach like a man and then tell him, but Bryce decided to skip a scheduled meeting and just send a text, which is totally bush league. Its a good bet that Brown will now be joining his brother at Kansas State.

Sure both of these kids have a ton of talent, but sometimes someone has to put their foot down and just say it. This is out of control.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Now that is a squad

How many players are too many player well this is Manchester City squad, according to wikipedia. Now that is a large list and that does not include the possible signings of Mario Balotelli and Torres. I hope there is a plan to off load some of these player. That is just way too many players to have on one team.
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MLS needs to hold on to this man

Over the course of the time, the MLS has produced a couple of players that have gone on to make an impact in different leagues around Europe. The two that come to mind the most are Clint Dempsey and Michael Bradley. But over the next couple of years that list will probably include this years #1 pick in the MLS Super Draft, Philadelphia Union's Danny Mwanga.

On Wednesday, I headed to the Linc to see Manchester United take on the Union and the one thing that stood out to me was the performance of Mwanga. In approximately, 60 minutes of work, Mwanga put pressure on the United back four. At over six foot tall Mwanga, is a force both on the ground in the air.

Coming up over the next couple of years, the league will face a choice: sell him or make him a star in this league. So far this season in his 12 appearances, Mwange has scored five goals. Mwanga is going to continue to grow and when he does some team from the Dutch League or another similar league will make a bid for the talented 19 year old and the league is going to have to make a choice. I would try to hold on and with his dual citizenship he could be in Brazil wearing the stars and stripes.