Saturday, January 08, 2011

I hope Vick acts like a Super Hero tomorrow

I saw this on the net and could not help but post it. Mike Vick needs to be a video game hero tomorrow in their playoff game against the Green Bay Packers

Friday, January 07, 2011

Beadle Loves them Russian Boys

The recently completed World Junior Championship attracted a record number of fans, but one person caught World Junior Championship Fever big time during the dramatic final between Russia and Canada. ESPN SportsNation host Michelle Beadle lost her mind on her twitter as the Russian team erased a 3-0 Canada lead and won  the game 5-3.

The following post are from Beadle's twitter account during the final on Wednesday night:

  • They will break us. RT @Siwicki4: wow Russia going to pull this insane comeback off....
  • Do svidaniya homies! Russians crush Canada...#WJC
  • Dear Lord...Russian boys are screaming at me in my living room....I thought it was the wine...but it's happening! Make. It. Stop.
Just when I thought she was done with the World Junior Championship love, she addressed the issue the next day on the show. Somewhere in Russia, a member of the team is reading her messages think that he has a shot with America's favorite female sports host.
Ask him! I'm fighting for hockey...#WJC RT @leemorreale: @ESPN_Michelle Any chance you can get @BizNasty2point0 on sportsnation?

Thursday, January 06, 2011

The Front Page Story: A National Humbled Agained

Last year, Canada was humbled by the Americans in the World Junior Championship finals, this year the Canadians were rolling up 3-0  nothing on the Russians, then it all fell apart as the Russians scored 5 unanswered goals to win the gold medal game 5-3. Back to back terrible loss in the finals now for Canada. No matter the language of the newspaper, Canadians are taking the loss hard.

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

The Front Page Story: Canada gets their Payback

 Last year the United State beat Canada in the World Junior Championship Final and for the last year a nation has waited for its revenge as last night they got it as Canada beat United States in the semi-finals in Buffalo. In Canada the game was on the front page of all newspapers.