Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Prospects Plus: Red Sox Jackie Bradley Jr.

Baseball season is almost here, so that means the return of our Prospects Plus feature. During Prospects Plus we break down the up and coming players in the minor league and college players.
Name: Jackie Bradley Jr.
Organization: Red Sox
Position: Outfield
Stats Wednesday against the Yankees: 2 for 4 with a double

Strengths: Has a great eye at the plate. Bradley knows the strike zone better than most players at his age. He has a great commitment to the game. A tremendous outfielder he can chase anything down in the outfield. A winner, won back to back National Championship at South Carolina. When he was at USC he was one of my favorite players in college baseball

Weakness: There aren't many. The only thing that would keep him off the major league roster is that the Red Sox don't want his free agency clock to start.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

It will never be the same

For all of the talk last week of Big East Tournament ending as we know it. The grand daddy of them all, The ACC Tournament, is set to go through changes that will change it forever. With all of the talk of the possibly moving the ACC tournament to NYC, Greensboro and ACC are at a crossroads. As a fan of the ACC, the last place that I want to see the tournament its home is in Greensboro. Yes Greensboro.

My Bracket

Monday, March 18, 2013

The Front Page: Selection Sunday

The teams have been selected, the brackets have been now all we are waiting for is the games. Here is how newspapers all over this great country covered Selection Sunday.


Sunday, March 17, 2013

Once a Heel always a Heel

So it did not go the way of the Tar Heels in the ACC final.
Despite the loss this team continues to grow and one of those in particular that has grown is freshman point guard Marcus Paige. After the game Paige tweeted about the loss and former Heels All American Sean May was quick to offer so positive words for the point guard. It's good to see a former Heel supporting a current one

OTWT NCAA Selection Committee Thoughts

So we have our field of 68 for the NCAA Tournament and for the most part you can't argue with the teams selections. The biggest issue I have with this committee is the seeding of the teams that they selected.

Here are some quick thoughts about the field:

  • How is Miami not a number 1 seed. They won the ACC regular season and tournament title and they are only a 2 seed. Would that have happened if this was UNC or Duke.
  • The committee must hate Larry Scott the Pac 12. How does the Pac 12 tournament champion, Oregon, ended up with a 12 seed. A 12 seed from a power conference is usually saved for one of the last at-large bids from a power league, not a tournament champion that was ranked for most of the year. 
  • A couple of upsets: Colorado over Illinois; Ole Miss over Wisconsin; and Oregon over Okie State.
  • Players that America will get to know: Colorado guard Spencer Dinwiddie and Ole Miss guard Marshall Henderson.