Thursday, September 08, 2011

How can you keep Choppin if there is no stump

So what happens when you go 5-7 in college football, well they start taking things away and at Rutgers that is no different. For the last couple of years, the theme at Rutgers has been "Keep Choppin" and this year its the same, but there is one difference. How can you "Keep Choppin" if there is no stump. According to the Rutgers athletic twitter page, the team decided to go in a different direction and not put the stump out for games. I was shocked to hear the news, it was almost heart breaking.

Monday, September 05, 2011

What could be

With talk of Real Madrid and Barca destroying Spanish soccer and leaving for a European Super League, I talk you back to a post I did two years ago on what a European Soccer League would look like. The League would feature 24 teams and could be really interesting. It could work, but I would hate to see the current structure destroyed.

A must have for soccer fans

All soccer fans love transfer deadline day, but no one loves it more then Sky Sports'  Jim White. This DVD honors the closing of the transfer window and the fans that enjoyed it.