Thursday, November 22, 2007

What the Papers Across the Pond are saying about Euro 2008

With the international embarrassment of the English European Championship campaign officially out of the way. Its time to see what the papers across the pond are saying. With the ashes of the team still hot, the Football Association have already decided to fire Second Choice Steve, but other places are celebrating their trips to Austria and Switzerland next summer.

Sabah (Turkey) celebrates their trip to the finals.
Jornal de Noticias (Portugal) salutes their heroes after their qualification

Aftonbladet (Sweden) tells everyone that hot Swedish women will be at the finals.

The Times (England) celebrates the fall of the Three Lions.

Kleine Zeitung (Austria) even cares about the Three Lions not making it
The Daily Telegraph (England) looks into the national nightmare

The Guardian (England) its officially over.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

More then 51 million pounds can get you an overated French Striker

With the transfer market getting ready to open again at the end of the year, it makes you wonder about how much some players have cost over the years. One of the players that jumps out at you is the sulky French striker Nicolas Anelka. The current French and Bolton striker has cost a staggering more then 51 million pounds in transfer fees over the years. Not bad for a player, who has all of the talent in the world and a bad attitude to match. Over the years Anelka has failed to live up to his great potential.

The transfer fee for the Frenchmen started low when Arsenal paid PSG only 500,000 pounds for the player in 1997. That then jumped when Real Madrid paid the Gunners 23 million pounds. The Anelka European Tour continued when went he signed with PSG for an undisclosed fee. After being loaned at to Liverpool, Anelka then head for Manchester City for 13 million pounds.

At this point you would think that the Frenchmen was sick of moving and would want to start to settle down. But after three years with the citizens the Frenchmen was on the move again heading this time to Fenerbahce for 7 million pounds.

Anelka then moved to his current home Bolton for 8 million pounds. Over the years Anelka has cost more then great players such as Luis Figo, who during his time has only cost 41.2 million pounds.

If I was betting man I would say that he will be moving again in the next transfer window for 10 million more pounds adding another stop on the Anelka European Tour.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The next great Rivalry?

For years, University of Delaware and Delaware State have shared one of the smallest states in the union and never played. But this weekend, that will all change when Hornets and the Blue Hens face off in the first round of the 1-AA playoffs. The game has drawn the attention of many people around the United States including ESPN who are going to show the game Friday afternoon.
For the first time in the history of Delaware football, officials are expecting a sell out and scalpers have even taken an interest in the game.
Over the years, both schools have produced some players that have played in the NFL, including former San Francisco 49ers wide receiver John Taylor, Delaware State, and former NFL MVP Rich Gannon, Delaware.
If the game goes off without any problem this has the potential to be the next great American rivalry. Both schools come from different points of view, Delaware State is a historically black college, while Delaware is a state school. Delaware has Delaware Stadium that seats 22,000 people, while Delaware State has Alumni Stadium that only seats 6,828.

It has all of the making of something that could be special for years to come.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Adidas has everything but blue balls

Traditional soccer balls have always been black and white, but that has all changed over the last couple of years when Adidas decided to change the color of the ball.
Over the last coupe of years Adidas has used a bunch of different combinations including red and silver. During this weeks internationals all different colored balls were on display, except blue balls.
During the United States vs. South Africa friendly, the people at Adidas decided to make a ball that featured all of the colors of the South African flag.
During Finland's Euro 2008 qualifier, they decided to use the traditional white and red ball.

For the MLS Cup final the great people at Adidas decided to make a silver ball that looks like something out of space movie.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Professional Tailgating: Last Call

The home season has come and gone.

Rutgers wrapped up their home season with a win over the greatest mustache in college football and improved their bowl standing. So the Only Time Will Tell tailgating crew braved cold weather and getting up early to attend the final game. What a great year it has been.

Tailgating takes dedication and getting up earlier

Joe Wolf's Vertical Jump enjoys some great looking eggs.

Timmy Chang's Passing Records shows everyone the perfect way to make eggs, while taking two hours.

Now that is what I call a balanced breakfast

Endy in the Outfields loves the Jimmy Dean's sausage

"I think that the bathroom is around here somewhere,'' said Timmy Chang's Passing Records

The next great state University of New Jersey recruit

Making the walk for the final time

On Senior Day, the crowd also say good bye to the Knight's horse, now its glue time

Endy in the Outfield points out a piece of food that the Knight has caught in his teeth