Sunday, December 16, 2007

Thoughts on Super Sunday

Today might be one of the best days of the soccer season, it started early in the morning with Club World Cup final between AC Milan and Boca Juniors and ends with the EPL's Grand Slam games. Here are some of my thoughts on the day that was.

FIFA Club World Cup Final:

Milan 4, Boca Juniors 2:
  • Has Clarence Seedorf found the fountain of youth, cause during the final of the World Club Cup, besides Kaka he was the best player on the field.
  • Can someone please tell officials at FSC to fire Christopher Sullivan he drives me crazy all of the time.
  • How much better would the final have been if Juan Roman Riquelme was on the field for Boca.

Grand Slam Sunday in the EPL (Manchester United v. Liverpool and Chelsea v. Arsenal)

Manchester United 1, Liverpool 0

  • This comes as a shock to all but Rafa is using the same lineup against United that he used in the midweek, I guess the Carling Cup means nothing to him anymore.
  • According to the BBC, Liverpool co-owner Tom Hicks and his family have been out on the pitch at Anfield having a photo taken for their Christmas card this year. I have no idea if this is joke or not.
  • With not having Setanta, I listened to the Liverpool v United game on the radio, through a betting Web site, I think that I need some help.
  • At least the British announcers make it interesting.
  • After dropping three more points, six dropped in their last two league games, Rafa can now get back to Champions League soccer. And still Liverpool have not won a league title since the outlaw of the back pass.
  • Rafa days are numbered now.

Arsenal 1, Chelski 0

  • The history of last years Carling Cup Final is remembered, tackles flying in all over the place.
  • John Terry is become the Donovan McNabb of the English Premier League, after leaving the game with another injury.
  • I guess the title race is a two team race right now.
  • I'm sure the FA is going to look into the incident at the end with Cesc and Ashley Cole and the both teams might be a little trouble for a combined 10 yellow cards.

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