Monday, July 28, 2014

Prospects Plus: Cape Cod League All Star Game

On Sunday night, the best in the Cape Cod League took to the field in for leagues annual all star game. Here are five players that impressed me while watching the game. 

1. Kyle Code, P, Kentcky: touched out at 97 mph but sat between 94-96. Has a really good motion for a pitcher that is 6 foot 7 inches tall. Looked in total command during his inning of work. A ball didn't leave the infield. 

2. Ryan Perez, P, Judson: throws both right and left handed with good off speed stuff. Tops out at 93 while throwing from the left hand side. Tops out around 90 when he threw from the right side. A really interesting prospect to say the least. Perez struck out the side during his only inning of work. 

3. AJ Murray, !B, Georgia Tech: leads the Cape in HR and RBI. Showed some good defense during his stink in the game.  Murray was named game MVP. 

4. Gio Brusa, LF, Pacific: nice left handed swing. Hit the ball hard she he was at bat. 

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Prospects Plus: Red Sox Wendell Riijo

Name: Wendell Rijo
Organization: Red Sox
Team: Greenville Drive
Position: 2B
Organizational Rank:18th best prospect according to Baseball America
Stats vs. Lakewood Blueclaws: 1-2 with a homerun and two walks

Positives: In his first at bat Friday night, Rijo fell behind 0-2 and then was able to turn on a fastball from Yacksel Rios and hit it over the left field fence. Hits from a wide-open stance, with his hands high, before taking big step to close to even in his stride. Quick hands, solid batspeed.

Negatives:  Is prone to lazy mechanics and will tend to field balls off to the side that he has time to field in front. 

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Prospect Plus: Red Sox's Trey Ball

Name: Trey Ball
Organization: Red Sox
Team: Greenville Curve
Position: Left handed starting pitcher
Organizational rank: 10th ranked prospect in Red Sox system.
Friday night's stats vs Lakewood: 6 innings, 6 hits, 4 runs, 2 earned, 5 walks, 5 strikeouts

Positives: Projectable left-hander with great athleticism. Thin frame with lots of room to fill out. Efficient, low-effort delivery. Repeats delivery well for his age. Not a lot of miles on his arm. Fastball sits around 90-93 mph and tops out around 95 mph.When thing I noticed when I was watching him Friday night was that he looks the part, has the body of the starting pitcher. 

Negative: So raw. Coming from Indiana, he did not faced the toughest competition when he was in high school. When a couple of infielders made errors, Ball didn't seem to deal with it well, the mistakes seem to bother him. 

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Fore: Rutgers University Golf Course

On Sunday myself and three friends went to Rutgers to play Rutgers University Golf Course and boy was it fun. 

From a design standpoint the course holds up. Fairways are wide but fair and some holes feature a variety of bunkers that could derail any round. The course is fairly playable. 

While I love the place, there is one major issue I have with it. If you haven't played it before it's hard to understand where hazards are off the tee. The tenth gave me fits, the card doesn't really the hazard at the bottom of the hill.  I know money is tight at the course but a better course map would benefit many who are playing the course for the first time. 

Despite the issues I had an amazing time and had seven pars and shot 91 despite having an eight and two sevens. 

Monday, July 14, 2014

Prospects Plus: My Summer of Baseball

Over the last couple of months, I've seen my fair share of baseball from major to minors. From New Jersey to Florida. Here are my three favorite players that I've seen in person. 
  1. Adam Brett Walker II, OF, Fort Myers Miracle: Looks like a man among boys in the Florida State League. I know scouts differ on his long term development. He has all of the physical skills you could ask for in a player.
  2. JP Crawford, SS, Lakewood BlueClaws: Looked over matched last year in the South Atlantic League, this year it was a different story. He looks the part of a middle infielder at the major league level. 
  3. Nick Petree, RHP, Palm Beach Cardinals: During his five innings against Fort Myers, Petree looked solid. While his fastball is nothing special, his change up already looks like a plus pitch, and he shows great command in deploying a decent slider and curve when necessary to further confuse hitters.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Prospects Plus: Phillies Dylan Cozens

Name: Dylan Cozens
Organization: Philadelphia Phillies 
Team: Lakewood Blueclaws
Position: Outfield
Stats Friday: 2-2 in before the game was called due to fog. 

Positives: The raw power is impressive and he gets it from everywhere in his swing and strength.Cozens is a giant human being with a classic slugger profile, with nothing left to projection at this point.    At the plate he has huge raw power and a good approach, he made decent contact in his debut but he will need to make more to reach his power ceiling. Regardless of what position Cozens finishes at his bat will be the tool that carries him.

Negatives: The problem is there is some natural swing and miss because his arms are so long.  He doesn’t have crazy bat speed and the swing can get a bit long.  He is mostly a pull hitter and so it will remain to be seen if he can adjust and go the other way at higher levels.

Friday, May 09, 2014

Cover Story: Here we go

So what if Marcus Smith is a great player will people still be attacking like this. I've seen Smith play like in person against Rutgers and he is a beast.