Friday, December 21, 2007

Please shut up Harry!!!!!

Who died and elected Harry Redknapp leader of English managers. Ever since the FA named the Italian with the black glasses as leader of the national team, Harry has not shut up.

"It is a great time to take the team over because we can't go any lower. We have reached our all-time low - the only way is up," Redknapp sounded off to Sky Sports about the hiring of Fabio Capello.
We all know you wanted the job Harry, but this just in you are not good enough to get it. Just go back to a couple of years ago, we all can remember watching Harry on the touchline at St. Marys as his team Southampton was regulated. Add to that, Harry being arrested as part of bungs scandal in November.

So do you think that the FA wants to hire someone that has been relegated from the Premiership and is connected to a bung scandal, I think not.

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