Monday, December 17, 2007

A death walk of Coaches

In one rotation of the coaching carousel the SEC has again turned into a death march.

Just look at the SEC West:
  • Alabama: Nick Saban
  • Arkansas: Bob Petrino
  • Ole Miss: Houston Nutt
  • Mississippi State: Sylvester Croom
  • LSU: Les Miles
  • Auburn: Tommy Tuberville

That is just one division, look at the SEC East:

  • Florida: Urban Meyer
  • Georgia: Mark Richt
  • South Carolina: Steven Spurrier
  • Kentucky: Rich Brooks
  • Tennesssee: Phillip Fulmer
  • Vanderbilt: Bobby Johnson

When you look at the list of coaches on paper, it might just blow your mind.

The Eastern Division has three different coaches that have won National Championships, while the west has one coach with one and another playing for one this year. The stats continue, all of these coaches have been to bowl games, expect Bobby Johnson of Vandy, who many think might be one of the best overall coaches in the country.

So when people talk about the strength of a conference just look at the people strolling the sidelines and no conference does it like the SEC.

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