Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Is this Sunday really Grand Slam Sunday?

Last week, the Premier League had what Sky called "Grand Slam Sunday," but all over Europe this Sunday is really "Grand Slam Sunday."
Just one look at the schedule from leagues all over Europe and you will see why it should be called "Grand Slam Sunday."
  • Spain: The Clasico: Real Madrid v Barcelona, 1 p.m. on Gol TV.
  • Italy: Milan Derby: AC Milan v Inter Milan, 9 a.m. on FSC
  • EPL: Manchester United v Everton, 7 a.m. on FSC and Chelski v Blackburn, 11 a.m. on FSC.

In many ways this Sunday's game will feature better action then last Sunday games and that includes the EPL. For some reason I think the United v Everton and Chelski v Blackburn will be better games then the two that were held last Sunday.

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