Tuesday, December 18, 2007

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

While college football fans continue to debate which of the 30 some bowl games will produced the best match up. There is little debate in which bowls have the best looking logos and which have the worst.

The worst:

Papajohns.com Bowl: nothing says quality bowl game like a pizza web site.

The Gator Bowl: The logo has nothing to do with Gator, but it has a lot to do with cameras.

Pioneer Pure Vision Las Vegas Bowl: It looks like something that the Ultimate Warrior used to have painted on his face.

Emerald Bowl: Is it me or does it look like the football is crushing the Golden Gate Bridge .

The Best:

The Rose Bowl: I might not always agree with their team choices but their logos is simply the best.

Orange Bowl: While the location of the game has changed, the logo is still simple, classic, and who does not like a smiling orange with a crown.

Holiday Bowl: This bowl is always a good game and the logo might be one of the reasons why.

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