Friday, December 21, 2007

The Future is going to be ok

So this Hurricane's season did not go as plan, no bowl game and a disastrous loss in the final game at the Orange Bowl, but the off season has been better then the actual season was. A couple of days ago, the top ranked high school linebacker Arthur Brown committed to the U. Brown is one of the specials players that can change be a program maker.
Arthur's commitment to the U could have an impact on future recruiting. With Arthur on board, it gives the Canes the inside shot at his brother, junior running back Bryce Brown. For months recruiting people have said that the Brown bothers would be a package deal. Now with Arthur headed to the U, there is even talk that Bryce Brown might be head to South Florida to play is final season of scholastic football.
With signing day two months way, the U currently have the fifth ranked class in all of the land. With the Brown on board and the Northwestern High School boys (above) on their way, its only a manner of time before The U is back up there at the top.

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