Saturday, December 11, 2010

Twitter got me

I was checking twitter before going out to dinner last night and saw that several respected blogs were reporting that Royals pitcher Zack Greinke was traded to the Phillies. The news was shocking. The reported stated that Ross Glode, Domonic Brown, and pitcher Antonio Bastardo were heading to Kansas City.

After hearing the news, I got on the phone and called or texted several other baseball fans about the issue and none of them had heard anything about it, which was weird because both friends have a good idea of what is going on. After a couple of minutes, I checked twitter again and people started posting it was all a hoax and the Phillies were not involved in anything involving the Royals.

People talk about twitter being the future of journalism but sometimes even the future of something can get a person in trouble. While twitter is great it will cause some issues and this situation shows it.
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