Friday, December 10, 2010

The Coaching Wheel is about to get out of control

The Bowl Season is only a couple of days from starting and the coaching carousel is getting ready to really spin out of control. With openings at two of the biggest jobs in Florida, at Miami and Florida; Pittsburgh, and a possible opening at Michigan this could be one of the busiest carousel in sometime.

Miami has talked to Nebraska head coach Bo Pelini and if both parties agree that it could work out that would open up the Nebraska. The Husker job might be more attractive because they will be members of the Big Ten Conference next season.

The Florida job is one of the most high profile jobs in the country and could trigger a bunch of other openings. What happens if the Oklahoma coach Bob Stoops takes the job, the Oklahoma job would open up, which would set off another round of craziness.

In addition to all of the other high profile jobs out that there, one under rated job is available, the heading coaching positions at Pitt. While its not that greatest job in all of the world, its a job that a coach can really win at. Pitt offers a big recruiting base in its own city as well as the chance to go into New Jersey and get kids.

Once one of these jobs gets filled then the fun it going to start. I have this feeling that this years coaching carousel might be more interesting then the bowl season.

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