Sunday, December 12, 2010

Snoods on the Run

photo from the Daily Mail
Winter has hit the Premier League, from the yellow ball to gloves to Under Armour to snoods. Snoods? Snoods are all the rage this year and they look terrible. The term Snoods applies to a tubular neck protector or warmer, often worn by skiers or motorcyclists. The garment may be worn either pulled down around the neck like a scarf, or pulled up over the hair and lower face, like a hood.

This season, a number of high profile international players were seen to be wearing tubular neck scarves referred to as snoods, and subsequently there was a rise in popularity in the wider population as people emulated their idols. This apparent new fashion was much derided by commentators, prompting one journalist to state that 'Snoods are the new gloves' in professional football, according to wikipedia.

Around England, many old school managers like Blackpool's Ian Holloway have shot back at the fashion trend.

While stars on Manchester City and Arsenal have been sporting the neck wear, Manchester United old school Scot Sir Alex has taken a hard line view on the terrible fashion. Sir Alex has told players that they are not allowed to wear them. Rio Ferdinand tweeted recently: "A lot of hostility from other teams' fans... I don't care if your players do or don't wear snoods. I just said WE won't be, so pipe down!''

Arsenal Manager Arsene Wenger said he allows his players to wear the much talked about neck wear for medical reasons. "I get advice from the medical team,” said the manager told “We had some players with neck problems before the Aston Villa game, Nasri and Chamakh. That’s why we decided to let them wear them because they had some medical issues.” It really does not surprise me that he would support the practice, he has always been like that.

I'm all for people trying to stay warm while playing gloves, Under Armour that is fine, but come on these thing look terrible and makes me question their fashion. So come on tough it out, and leave the snoods for your night life.

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