Sunday, July 20, 2008

SEC Players are costing baseball teams mad money

Drafting players that might play football in the SEC is getting a little expensive. From Casey Kelly to Xavier Avery Major League Baseball teams drafting two sports talents that are slated to go to the best football conference are paying through the nose.

Just this week, Kelly, who was slated to be the quarterback of the future of at Heath Shuler's old school, signed a contract with the Red Sox that calls for a $3 million signing bonus, approximately $1.8 million more that major league baseball slots for the slot where he was taken. Then the tight spending Nationals give Dustin Hood, a four star recruited from Alabama slated to go to his home state school, a $1.1 million signing bonus. The slated signing bonus for the 55th spot in the draft is $726,000.

Earlier in the summer, the Orioles signed second-round outfielder Xavier Avery (pictured), who was bound to play for Quincy Carter old school as a running back, for $900,000 and the Athletics signed 10th-round outfielder Rashun Dixon, who was bound for the land of cowbells in Starkville, for $600,000.

So next June when Major League Baseball Teams are looking for the next great player that is signed on to play football at an SEC school, be prepared to open that check book up wide.

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