Wednesday, June 11, 2008

MLB Draft hits SEC Football hard

While most college football fans do not care about the Major League Baseball Draft, some high profile college football programs were holding their breath while Commissioner Bud Selig was announcing the names of those drafted in Tampa Bay last week.

One conference is trying their best to hold on to it's prized high school recruits and keep them away from Major League Baseball clubs, the Southeastern Conference.

Tennessee will have keep the money rich Red Sox away from Florida native Casey Kelly (pictured above). The Sox took the talent SS/RHP with a pick late in the first round. The Big Orange Nation has Kelly pegged as their quarterback of the future.

Georgia faces a fight to keep Cedar Grove running back Xavier Avery away from the Orioles.

Ole Miss is pulling out all of the stops to hold on to QB recruit Chris Wilkes. The Rev. Houston Nutt is trying to keep Wilkes away from the Padres.

While other teams have one person to deal with Alabama has double trouble. Four star receiver Melvin Ray might be gone already. Reports suggest Ray has agreed to sign with the Dodgers. Athlete recruit Dustin Hood might be on his way to sigh with the Nationals.

Die hard college football fans really should pay more attention to the baseball draft. Do the names Joe Mauer and Josh Booty mean anything to college football fans.

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