Saturday, July 26, 2008

Dream A Little Dream

Alex Hleb's dream was to play for Barca.
Ronaldinho dreamed of playing for AC Milan.
Deco dreamed of playing for Chelski.
Dani Alves dreamed of playing in the blue and red Barca shirt.
Arshavin's dream is to swap Zenit for Barca.
Ronnie dreams of playing for Real Madrid.
Drogba dreams of playing for a different team every week.

So far the limited transfer market can be described in a couple of worlds: Dream a little dream. Every summer players put on their new shirts and talk about how much of a dream it is to play for their new team. This year that is no different.

It's funny how money can make you dream things. I'm sure that Samuel Eto'o dream to play in Uzbekistan. That dream might not be that far away.

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