Sunday, October 17, 2010

Professional Tailgating: The Legend of Chas Dodd Continues to Grow

Last time out Chas Dodd led Rutgers to a come back win over UConn and on Saturday that was no different as Dodd led Rutgers to a come from behind win over Army at the New Meadowlands.

This might be the last time we see ads for Rutgers with Tom Savage on them
 Never thought I would see an old school Expos jacket at a Rutgers game, it was good to see
 In a huge stadium, Chas Dodd still very very small
 The Army Cadets blended into the New Meadowlands gray seats. If you look hard enough you might see them
In a serious moment, OTWT would like to send their thoughts and prayers to Eric LaGrand and his family after he suffered a serious neck injury during the game. 

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