Sunday, April 04, 2010

So this is the end

So my new born son will never see Donovan McNabb in an Eagles jersey. McNabb is a Redskin, is this all a dream or something.

So the era ends, I was ready for the Kevin Kolb era to start, but this night is hard. I will be honest Donovan has not won the big one but he is the qb that turned everything around for the birds and for that all you can say is thank you. Maybe Kolb will be the next Aaron Rodgers or maybe he will be the next Bobby Hoying only time will tell. After the last two losses to the Cowboys, everyone knew it was for change but this type of change is really hard. For the first time in a decade next season is going to be a mystery and maybe that will be fun.

It will be weird to see McNabb in a maroon jersey when he comes to the Linc. One day I will sit Gregory on my knee and tell him all about Mc5 and his career and how great a player he really was in a birds jersey.
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