Friday, April 02, 2010

No Suit, No Service

Maybe Huggins should wear this suit instead of his track suit
The Final Four is only a day away. All of the teams are in Indy making sure that everything is perfect for the players that means making sure that their kicks are fresh and for the coaches that means making sure their suits are ready for the big time. Well most coaches do. Bob Huggins is a different matter. For the last couple of years Huggins has been prowling the sidelines in a warm up top and dress pants, not the worst look in the world but not the best. Huggins, who I like, might become the first coach in god knows how long not to wear a suit at the Final Four. If he does not get dressed up for the event maybe he should not take part. Huggins dressing style has the support of his fan base.

According to, Most West Virginia fans seem to want Huggins to stick with the tracksuit, according to an online poll at the Charleston (W. Va.) Daily Mail. According to the poll, 53 percent of voters want Huggins to stick with the tracksuit. Only 9 percent want him to "totally rock a new, gold, tailor-made suit."

Thirty-eight percent of voters were more optimistic, saying Huggy Bear should wear "the basketball net. Right after he cuts it down."

In England, managers where track suits all of the time, but come an FA Cup Final day all of the coaches are dressed in suits that are designed by the club. Maybe we should have the same deal for the Final Four. No Suit, No Service.

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