Friday, April 09, 2010

Rooting for a different group of names

Future Nat Bryce Harper?
So the Nationals season has already started and ended for the most part. Instead of rooting for names like Zimmerman, Guzman and Morgan. I'm stuck rooting for names like Harper, Tallon, Ranaudo, and Cole. That is Bryce Harper, James Tallon, Anthony Ranaudo, and AJ Cole a couple of the top prospects in the 2010 MLB Draft.

Instead of waking up and checking the box scores of the big league team, I'm searching the Internet for information on their performances. I don't care if Zimmerman hit two home runs, I care more about Harper and what he did for the College of Southern Nevada. The Nats have the number 1 pick in the 2010 Draft and hitting another home run, like they did last year with Strasburg, is a key to making this a good team.

Such is life as a Nationals fan, the season means nothing and the future is all that we have to look at.So at this point I'm no longer a National's fan and I'm now a fan of the College of Southern Nevada, So go Coyotes.

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