Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Tournament has lost something

On Sunday night the Big Ten Network was showing the Regional Final between St. Johns and Ohio State from a bunch of years ago. While it was fun seeing Scoonie Penn, Michael Redd, Eric Barclay, and Ron Artest play again in college something really stood out to me.

The game was played at Thomspon Boling Arena at the University of Tennessee and you knew this because the court was orange and had all of its marking. But this weekend while watching the games, I kept forgetting what venue the games I was watching was being played at.

A couple of years ago one of the highlights of tournament was seeing all of the different colored courts. Like the one at the Huntsman Center in Utah and Boises State. The one thing that having those different courts was that everyone knew what site they were at , now its hard to tell where they are unless you read the baseline. A couple of years ago the NCAA decided to introduce universal court designs to the tournament and the blue and black courts are kind of cookie cutter and lack any character. That move started to take a little fun away from the tournament.

It seems that a little of the character of the tournament has been taken away by going to these standard courts.
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