Saturday, March 27, 2010

Coming a long way

A couple of years ago, when former UNLV guard Greg Anthony made his debut on TV all I could think was ""Wow he is terrible,'' but that thought does not run through my mind any more. During this years NCAA Tournament Anthony has been at the front of CBS's desk coverage of the event.

After retiring from the NBA, Anthony joined ESPN as an analyst for NBA coverage on ESPN and ABC. On Dec. 13, 2008, Anthony made his debut as a college basketball analyst for CBS Sports, replacing Clark Kellogg, who was promoted to lead commentator.

This year has been a great coming out party for Anthony. Before Anthony moved behind the desk at CBS for the tournament Kellogg would work with SI's Seth Davis and while they did an OK job they lacked chemistry. Kellogg would try to be the funny man all of the time while Davis would try to give you the information that true basketball fans want. Now with the combination of Davis and Anthony there seems to be more team work, both speak about basketball things and don't try to be a comedy act, which is refreshing.

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