Saturday, March 27, 2010

They're no Cinderella

OK lets put a stop to this before it start, Butler is not a Cinderella. If you call them a Cinderella then you know nothing about college basketball. This is a good team. During the regular season they beat UCLA, Ohio State, Xavier, and Siena. So during the regular season the Bulldogs beat two teams that where in the Sweet 16. Then in the tournament add Syracuse and Kansas State. Now those are quality wins. Hey when was the last time a top 10 team was considered a Cinderella.
This is also a better team then the George Mason team that went to the Final Four a couple of years. Mason's resume would not stack up to Butler's. So when people start talking about the Bulldogs being a Cinderella tell them they are ignorant. Hey it might be a surprise they are heading home for the Final Four, but they are no way a Cinderella.

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