Sunday, January 10, 2010

Where do we go from here?

Last night was tough, today has also been tough. When your teams crashes out of the playoffs like the Eagles did last night, its hard to figure out what is next and with the Birds that is no different. During the game one thing became really clear, the Cowboys are better then the Eagles right now. Unlike most Eagles fans, I can admit that, this might be their year and that is that.

The one thing that I'm struggling with is where the Birds go from here: do they blow everything up and start over or do they try to just add a couple of people and take another shot at it. Right now I'm leaning toward adding a couple of more defensive players and taking another shot at it. The Eagles need to add some size on the d-line and maybe some more help in the secondary. As for firing Andy and trading Mc5, that is not worth it at this point. For one this is the second youngest team in the league and there is still room for it to grow. Blowing up would mean getting rid of someone our best players like Peters, DJ, and Brent. That would lead us down the track of being a 5-11 team.

While most fans might scream for the end of the era, just be careful this is the most successful era the Eagles have ever had and if its blown up there is no guarantee that we will ever get back to this level. So I say we grow up a little and head back at it again and just remember the Giants did not make the playoffs, so that will make any Eagles fan smile for a couple of seconds.

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