Monday, January 11, 2010

The economy is wrecking havoc with everything

During the last year the failing economy has had an effect on all kinds of markets from the stock market to the housing market to the transfer market, yes the transfer market. So far the winter transfer market has been a complete bore. Everyday I wake up and read the BBC's morning headline for soccer and usually during this time of year there are a bunch out there for players on the move, but this year they are lacking big time. It seems like the biggest name that is being throw around in England is Kenwyne Jones of Sunderland, yes Kenwyne Jones. Sure he is a good player but a whole transfer window should not center on a player that is only ok.

Most teams are looking out for all kinds of bargain basement loans deals. You are never going to get a player that is going to make a difference in a loan deal, usually these deals are for player that are not needed for by their current team.

Sure tomorrow I will wake up and look at all of the rumors when I get to work, but nothing there will make me run and text all of my soccer loving friends. The economy needs to get better for a variety of reasons from jobs to the stock market, but it also improve so soccer fans can have fun again with the rumors of the winter transfer market.

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