Tuesday, January 12, 2010

So Young but been around so long

Sure Taylor King is only a sophomore at Villanova, but it feels like he has been along for so long and now he is finally starting to settle down.

When King was in eight grade he committed to follow most Southern California kids dream and play for UCLA. In high school, King played at the legendary Mater Dei program where he enjoyed a successful high school basketball career, posting the third highest career point total in California high school history.

This is where things get a little dicey for King, during his senior year he decided to change his mind and turn down UCLA and head to the Tobacco Road to play for Duke. While at Duke things did not go that well for Taylor and he did not make the impact that many people thought that he would. Some people even called him soft and not a hard work.

So after the one year, he decided to change his mind again and head to the Main Line and head to Villanova. After sitting out last season King finally looks to be the player that many people thought that he would. King has made a solid impact in his first year with Jay Wright. Last night, King played a huge roll in 'Nova 92-84 comeback win over Louisville. King finished the day with 12 points and seven rebounds in 23 minutes of action. The thing that stands out for me was that King was all over the floor and getting involved in the action. King has great skills and the ability to shoot the ball from all over, but now it appears that he has added the toughness that can carry 'Nova very far in March.
Despite only a sophomore, King is finally showing the skills that many people thought he had, sure it took a couple of steps to get there, but it appears that he is finally there.

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