Saturday, August 08, 2009

The proper way to honor a legend

What is the proper way to honor a legend?

Is it to retire his jersey, have a special day for them, or build a statue in their honor. That is what we do in the United State, but in England they do it a different way. Take a look around at the classic stadiums in England and many of them have stands that are named after long time club heroes.

Take West Ham United's Upton Park, two of their stands are named after all-time great players Bobby Moore (above) and Sir Trevor Brookings. Nottingham Forest has a stand named after their iconic manager Brian Clough at the City Ground, and Wolves have a stand named after Wolves legend Bill Wright at Molineux.

I know what people are asking right now, what is the point of this. Last week the Eagles lost long time Defensive Coordinator Jim Johnson. Johnson was the heart and soul of the defense and meant so much to the crazy fan base. I wonder how the Eagles are going to handle honoring a man that was one of the faces of the franchise for so many years.

The Eagles should name one of the stands after the Johnson. Doing this would allow fans from all generation to remember how much Johnson contributed to the Eagles. At West Ham, kids ask their parents to tell stories about Moore and Brookings, just imagine the situation at Lincoln Financial Field when a young child ask his father about how great a coach Jim Johnson was, all because they are sitting in the Jim Johnson Stand. I know the Eagles will do the right thing and honor him in a variety of different ways, but naming a stand after him would allow the fans to keep his memory for a long time.

Say it with me, the Jim Johnson Stand, it has a real nice ring to it.

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