Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Blast from the Past

College football preview magazines often focus on the positives of a football program, but often the positives turn out to be false. Here is a look back at some cover of the Smith & Street College Football previews from the last couple of years. Some cover choices now seem a little weird.

2006 Washington edition: WSU's Jason Hill. It's been a touch couple of years of state of the Washington when it comes to college football.
2005 Pennsylvania edition: Pitt's Tyler Palko. He was once thought to be a superstar but now it seems like a bad choice.
2004 Washington edition: Charlie Frederick, really. Wow it must have been a weak year in Washington.
2003 South Carolina edition: Really Dondrial Pinkins. I'm a big college football fan and this name caught me by surprise.
2003 Texas edition: Coach Fran and A&M. This had to be long before the secret email newsletter.

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