Sunday, August 02, 2009

OTWT Preseason Notebook #2

OTWT home office is a buzz as ESPN 360 is up and running that means more preseason games for the second installment of the preseason notebook.

• After a terrible Champions League Final United's Anderson looks like he is going to grow up a little.
• He might not be Ronnie, but few are, Valencia might be better then people think.
• Watching United vs. Boca Game, it looks like Rooney might be playing in a role similar to Totti's at Roma. That creative player between the forwards and the midfielders.
• Everton is still Everton and that means that they are just solid, so solid.
• After watching Milan in the Audi Cup, I can only say one thing they are terrible. I would be shocked if they qualified for the Champions League next year.
• Why do I have this feeling that Gibson is going to have a huge roll for United this season.
• Munich looked to be a team that is deep enough to make a run to Champions League Final.
• Ever time Michael Owen goes down I hold my breath, cause he could always be out for a while.
• Watching the Ajax and Atl. Madrid game and am wondering if Martin Jol is going to wear a hat all season like he did last year, when he was in Germany.
• The Barca kids are amazing. Its like the football factory never stops.
• Sometimes I think that Wenger knows something that no one else knows.
• Wenger needs to find more playing time for Jack Wilshere. He was super impressive during Arsenal game vs. Rangers.
• What is a more valuable preseason Cup to win the Peace Cup or the Emirates Cup.
• Villa's Peace Cup win could give them the confidence to get off to a good start in EPL.

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