Thursday, December 18, 2008

Late nights with Berba

The NBA does it, the NFL does it, the NHL does it, and Major League Baseball is in the process of doing. All of the major sports have decided to go into the TV network business, now the EPL might be doing the same thing. Premier League heads have said that they would explore the idea of creating their own network, if they do not receive the type of bids that they would like for their television rights.

A Premier League Network could offer great program from reserve matches to weekly shows on different clubs, but their are a couple of shows that I would like to see on the schedule if the league decides to move in this direction.

Here are some of the possible new shows the network should explore:
  • Late Nights with Berba: With the emotion of a piece of paper, the United forward could host a talk show that would cure insomnia. Vampires are also welcome guest.
  • Cooking with Rafa: The Liverpool manager shows the world how to create the best pie and then eats everything that he makes, quality TV.
  • Tanning with Phil Brown: The Hull City manager shows everyone the best way to get the perfect tan.
  • Emirates Street: A combination of Sesame Street and the Arsenal Youth Academy. Wenger, is joined by Viera and Big Bird to teach children all types of things like their ABCs and passing skills.
Any other shows suggestions are welcomed.

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